.Sean at FiredUp! reports that the Lafayette County G.O.P. has put up a billboard sporting a hammer and sickle that says:

How do you like your change now???


They are coming for you!..1st & 2nd amendments are in jeopardy.


Take a look at the lovely photo of it.

I especially like the use of three question marks. I wonder if that indicates that they’re especially puzzled. Or maybe the Lafayette Rs believe motorists to be visually impaired at reading punctuation marks.

Question is, should Democrats ignore the sign, in hopes that passing motorists will, for the most part, write it off as the work of loonies? That’s risky in light of Mencken’s observation that “nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people.”

Maybe Democrats should take some action. I’d favor another sign fifty yards down the road that says:

You can’t be serious. You’re off your meds, right?