Or maybe it’s something classless.

The view of the Missouri River from a bluff near Rocheport.

Chad Livengood of the Springfield News-Leader posted via Twitter about yesterday’s Wingnutfest 2009 in southwest Missouri:

Joe Wilson says his son described his “You Lie!” outburst at Obama as a “townhall moment.” So that’s the term he now uses to describe it. about 15 hours ago from mobile web

There was plenty of Twitter activity about Dick Morris, too. As if he’s an example of rational, let alone any useful, political discourse?

I responded:

@ChadLivengood “Joe Wilson…outburst at Obama…a ‘townhall moment.'” As if there’s no difference from a joint session of Congress? about 1 hour ago from web in reply to ChadLivengood

A point at the end of one of the land arms in the Lake of the Ozarks.

So, what’s with the images of scenic places in Missouri?

From time to time people in Missouri chose to get married outdoors at a scenic place which may or may not have special meaning for the couple. When couples make that choice they should realize that the weather and other elements inherent in the location, including passersby, are out of their control. Unlike more traditional locations. With luck on their side a couple choosing an outdoor wedding can end up with an idyllic setting on the perfect day to mark the occasion. With luck.

The weather has cooperated for the happy couple. Everyone close to them is there and the setting and weather is near perfect. Except, there’s a high end speedboat going by, near full bore, in the middle of the channel and it’s occupied, as it appears from that distance, by a number of younger males. This at a quiet moment in the ceremony. It’s evident by their behavior that the boat’s occupants know what is going on. The musicians in the background, the people seated in neat rows, the minister, a groom in a tuxedo, and a bride in a white dress standing in front of the seated guests are all obvious clues. And what does one hear, not once or twice, but repeatedly, shouted from the speeding boat and carried by the wind over the water? “@%$# her, I did.” Punctuated by laughter each time. Real class that. Would they do the same in a traditional location in front of their parents or grandparents? In this day and age I’m not so sure. Maybe because we have so many role models with similar mindsets. No class.

You take your chances about class and civility at an open town hall. You shouldn’t have to during a joint session of Congress. And Wingnutfest 2009 in southwest Missouri celebrates people who can’t tell the difference.