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An ACORN office in Arizon was vandalized Wednesday night. Staff arrived for work Thursday morning to find windows broken, computers stolen and files taken. Wait. What? The burglars took files? Your run of the mill burglar doesn’t burden himself with worthless paperwork about the doings of a non-profit. What is this? Grandson of Watergate?

So now the office will go into lockdown. People won’t any longer be able to stroll in off the street looking for help. They’ll have to be cleared before they get in. The incident is one small sign, on a local level, of the way ACORN is suffering these days. Both the House and the Senate have passed bills barring ACORN from receiving federal funds. It’s not much money. ACORN has only received about $53 million in federal funds since 1994. That’s less than a drop in the federal bucket. But it still burns me to see Democrats–out of ignorance or cowardice, or both–voting for these bills just because Republicans have brayed so loudly about community organizers.

The Democrats who voted yes are denigrating an organization that, here in eastern Missouri, for example, is working to prevent AmerenUE from gaining an 18 percent rate hike. Ameren rakes in fifty million a month in profits from its monopoly status as electricity distributor over a large chunk of Missouri. In this recession, the Ameren ghouls want to suck almost 20 percent more blood out of rate payers. ACORN is demonstrating against that and working to defeat it. That’s just one example of their worthwhile work.

Glenn Burleigh, the head field organizer for St. Louis, says that the Baltimore organizer has been fired who advised a woman posing as a prostitute about how to avoid paying taxes on her illegal income. Burleigh notes that a white glove standard is being applied that would never happen to the big money boys. Can you imagine Halliburton, with its legion of sins, being similarly persecuted or prosecuted for one employee who advocated fraud, without actually even committing it? Imagine away, because so far, in your mind is the only place you’ve seen even minimal accountability for corporations that screw us the people in the form of our government.