On Sunday, St. Louis activist, Susan Cunningham, sent out this e-mail to a bunch of people:

Okay, all you people who have always wanted to visit Pacific, MO, but never had the chance.  Here’s your chance.  A group of anti-Obama people are going to watch the President’s speech to school children on CSPAN at the Pacific Coffee House,  221 First St., Pacific. at 11 a.m.  I’m trying to outnumber them, so please consider a short drive south on 44 just past Six Flags.  Exit there at Six Flags, get on the south outer road (Old Rt. 66) and go 3 miles into Pacific.  At the first light, turn left on First St.  Go over the tracks and the coffee house is on your left.  Car pool.  It’ll be fun.

Pass the word.   This is your chance to stand up for all those things we say we believe in and want to see happen.


Here’s her report on how it went:

Well, there were about 18 Obama supporters and only one professed Obama hater there this a.m.  There were two guys in undershirts who talked on the cell phones thru the whole speech – sort of passive/aggressive way of making a point, I guess.   The woman who sent out the email to her tea bagger friends didn’t get much of a turnout.  We overpowered them, that’s for sure.  We applauded and cheered at the end of the speech.  I asked her if she thought there was anything controversial about the speech and she said no, but that Obama had changed the speech.  That’s the line the right wing blogs put out yesterday – they were so powerful in their opposition to his speech that it had to be changed.  Total nonsense, but you’ll never convince them.  She also told me Obama scares her.  So I know there’s no point in talking with her for the next 3 yrs.  (I doubt obama will be re-elected.)

I guess we’ll find out tomorrow night if Obama is going to toss his presidency into the ash heap of history.

TPM had this headline for the argument that Obama changed his speech because of wingnut noise: “Post wingnut ergo propter wingnut.” Says it all.