Politico has named Abigal Blunt one of Washington’s “Top 50 Party Animals.”  The article’s profile of Blunt notes that her husband, Roy Blunt, gets out and about as well:

Together, they are part of the old-school Georgetown social establishment, which keeps them in the pages of Washington’s glossy society magazines.

This fact explans so much! Perhaps it was Blunt’s busy social schedule that was responsible for the fact that, as chair of the House Republican Health Care Solutions Group, he only managed to produce what Time Magazine characterized as:

…a four-page exercise in public relations that left out how many of the 47 million uninsured Americans would be covered, how it would be paid for or even how much it would cost.

And maybe he was just too rushed trying to handle all those glossy Georgetown social affairs to check his facts, and that’s why he misrepresented Canadian medical practices so egregiously in a meeting with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch editorial board.

Poor Roy!  He needs a rest — let’s hope Robin Carnahan helps him get it.