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On August 31st SurveyUSA released a 600 sample poll of adults taken in Missouri from August 26th through the 27th which shows lower approval numbers (when compared to July) for Missouri Governor Jay Nixon (D). The margin of error is 4.1%.

The poll was sponsored by KCTV in Kansas City.

Do you approve or disapprove of the job Jay Nixon is doing as Governor?


50% – approve

41% – disapprove

9% – not sure

Democrats [41% of sample]

65% – approve

26% – disapprove

8% – not sure

republicans [30% of sample]

30% – approve

59% – disapprove

11% – not sure

Independents [26% of sample]

47% – approve

49% – disapprove

4% – not sure

There has been a very large drop in approval from republicans, and significant drops in approval among Democrats and “Independents”.

Regionally there is net positive approval for Jay Nixon in Kansas City and St. Louis. There is net disapproval in the northern, southwest, and southeast regions of the state.

The crosstabulations by job status in the August survey:

Job Status

Student [10% of sample]

67% – approve

29% – disapprove

4% – not sure

Full-time [42% of sample]

47% – approve

46% – disapprove

7% – not sure

Part-time [9% of sample]

48% – approve

43% – disapprove

9% – not sure

Homemaker [10% of sample]

41% – approve

42% – disapprove

18% – not sure

Unemployed [9% of sample]

28% – approve

57% – disapprove

16% – not sure

Retired [19% of sample]

64% – approve

27% – disapprove

8% – not sure

There have been significant drops in approval among the full-time employed, homemmakers, and the unemployed. Student approval is similar to July, but the disapproval numbers are up. Approval numbers among the retired remain strong, but that would change if anything were to happen to Medicare.

There have been observations about the declining approval numbers for governors across the country.

It’s the economy, stupid.

We Have A Jobs Problem

…lack of connection between Democrats and the working class reflects itself in all these jobless recoveries we’re seeing. Policy just isn’t made for the mass of people, but of, by and for the rich. And those rich people know that one party serves them much better. If Democrats don’t start creating policies that get regular people jobs, they will be doomed by fundamentals as surely as the Republicans were in 2006 and 2008…