I have more to say on Storch and the 4th District Senate race soon, but I found this comment on the P-D’s Political Fix interesting:

I have served in the State Legislature with T.D., Jamilah, and Rachel. While I believe them all to be caring people who work hard to represent their constituents, Racels Storchs’ ability to understand the pressing issues of the State,articulate and adhere to her core values far exceeds most of our peers in the House, myself included. I do not know Joe Keavney but my sense is he would be better suited to make a run for Rachels vacated House seat and begin the learning process from the ground floor.

For those true Democrats on the County Committee, surely you know of Jamilahs tendency to run to the Republicans when critical votes such as removing campaign contribution limits are too close to call and when one democrat vote made a difference. Although It hasn’t been requested, I am proudly endorsing Representative Rachel Storch for nomination to the vacated Senate seat.

– Representative Ed Wildberger

10:03 am September 4th, 2009

Note: Wildberger is not a state representative from the City of St. Louis. He makes some good points, though.