Wow what a rally! The The Organizing for America team worked up a wonderful “Health Insurance Reform Now” rally on Hampton and Elizabeth near I-44 this Sunday eve at the St. Louis IBEW Hall. The President of the Board of Alderman Lewis Reed, our County Executive Charlie Dooley, Labor Council President Bob Soutier and Rep. Russ Carnahan spoke at the event. It was so exciting and inspiring to see SO many people on the only moral side of this issue stand together and let their voices be heard!!

Of course the “teabaggers” showed up but the group was small and OUR event was organized to marginalize these very sad and misguided people. We chanted them down from across the street. They tried to make noise and distract but they were ineffective in their efforts.  We were probably six times their number, maybe more. I am being “conservative” with that number LOL!

I spotted the infamous Josh Schroeder in the crowd posing as one of us. Ya THAT Josh Schroeder that turns off the comment section on his blog when someone disagrees with him. I walked up to Schroeder and asked him if he was indeed who I thought he was. He was surprised someone would recognize him. I told him, “I know who you are!” And what do hypocritical teabagger preachers do when confronted with their arrogance and greed? They cut and run! I turned around to inform an event organizer that we had an infiltrator and poof he was gone. Oh well! To have gotten a picture of him with the Health Care Reform sticker oh his gravy stained green polo would have been classic!