I had a real good belly-laugh when I saw that Congressional Quarterly had changed their prediction for the Missouri 4th to “leans Democratic.”  

I mean, c’mon.  You don’t fire the Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee – especially when that district is home to both Whiteman AFB and the ROTC program at Warrensburg, where military pilots come from. Ike is safe.  Anyone challenging him has as much of a chance as Don Quixote had against those windmills.  Actually, Quixote’s chances were better…but I digress…

And Kit Bond didn’t help the republican challengers any when he was in the broadcast booth with John Rooney during the seventh inning of yesterday’s Cardinals game singing Ike’s praises and raving about how great Ike is, not just for his district, but for the entire state.    

And although he alludes to Roy Blunt, who is running for the republican nomination to replace Bond when he retires at the end of this term, and he has tepidly endorsed him, he doesn’t even utter his name.  

Let’s unpack this a little bit.  It is no secret that the the Kit Bond wing of the Missouri GOP doesn’t have much use for the Blunt/Graves wing of the party, and the disdain is mutual.  In last falls 6th district race, Bond never did get around to endorsing anyone, but he sure said lots of sweet things about Kay Barnes, the Democrat who was running against Sam Graves, always prefacing the remarks with “Now, I don’t endorse Democrats, ever…but Kay Barnes…” and then he would tick off some of her better qualities.  


(H/T Fired Up! Missouri)