To make sure a good health care reform bill passes, with a real robust public option and regulation of the insurance industry, it’s not enough to elect the right people and hope they’ll make good decisions. In the finale of this speech delivered on a table top in Pittsburgh during the Netroots Nation convention, Howard Dean reminds us of where the battle lines are drawn and what we have to do:

The tide is turning, folks – only you can keep it going. You can start by showing up on Sunday evening. Here’s Glenn Burleigh’s reminder:

Well, now it’s time to show what the Pro-Reform side can do, and we need everyone to come out to this Sunday’s Organizing For America/Health Care for America Now! event.  Organizing For America’s healthcare reform bus tour stops in St. Louis, this Sunday, and we need to show up in big numbers.  If we show up with close to a thousand supporters, we will have changed the media narrative.  Already, we have seen our side match or exceed the right’s presence at this week’s townhalls.  While this is great news, we need to prove that we can come together ourselves, and not just to protect Democratic politicians.

Send out emails, call friends, give neighbors rides to the event, whatever it takes.  Congress is going back into session and we need the narrative to be that while the teabaggers caught us offguard, we have rallied and reclaimed the momentum, and we are demanding real healthcare reform, with a strong public option!

What: Rally for the Passage of Healthcare Reform (HB 3200)

Why: Because the Real Majority Stands with the President

Where: IBEW Local 1 Union Hall, 5850 Elizabeth (one block east of Hampton)

When: This Sunday, August 30th at 7pm