I just got back from the McCaskill Town Hall in Moberly MO. She was splendid. The Dems need to take a page out of her playbook on how to handle potentially disruptive town halls. She had slips of paper on everyone’s chair and pens for folks to write questions. She had a show of hands of folks in the first two rows who oppose her in every respect. The guy who raised his hand, was given the job of pulling questions from the basket. She spent an hour answering questions and was able to cover most everything…closing to a warm round of applause. There were inappropriate cat calls to some of her responses but no real disruptions or talk of Nazis etc. Once one question on abortion was settled (no…no Federal Money can be used for abortion) and …no…no illegal aliens will be covered…there was no need to answer more questions on the issues. “Death panels” did not even come up. She was warmly received and got big applause at the end. Very good altogether.