Thinking about Steele’s comment on having to “clean out the crapper” when people like “Papa Blunt” get stuck in there (thanks for finding that one, Sean,) a couple of things stand out.

1) Steele has learned his lesson from l’affaire Limbaugh – the RNC Chair is not allowed to disagree with conservative radio shock jocks, no matter how insane. Steele publicly criticized Rush Limbaugh earlier this year, but quickly backtracked when Limbaugh and his fans harshly responded. Normally you would expect an RNC Chair to pivot to highlight parts of Blunt’s record that the radio host might be more favorable to.

But since Steele was slapped hard the last time he disagreed with a conservative media figure, all he could do was sit and nod along while his candidate was attacked.

2) While it’s shocking for Steele to call for the leading candidate for the US Senate from his own party to be flushed down the toilet, their criticisms of Blunt were hardly out of line. Blunt did insert provisions favorable to Big Tobacco into bills after divorcing his wife for a tobacco lobbyists. And Blunt did have a senior leadership post while Rep. Mark Foley (R-FL) was preying on underage pages.

Certainly, Blunt has a long record of cozying up to special interests in Washington and looking the other way as his party did the same. I can’t say I disagree that this sort of stuff needs to be cleaned out. We’ll have a chance in a little over a year, at least in Roy’s case.