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Democrat Courtney Cole, an announced candidate in the 121st Legislative District, is challenging incumbent Denny Hoskins (r – noun, verb, CPA). Her first fundraising event was held in Warrensburg on Thursday evening.

Courtney Cole, Democratic Party candidate in the 121st Legislative District, with her daughter Kenzie.

Over fifty people attended Courtney Cole’s first Warrensburg fundraising event.

Representative Mike Talboy (D-37)) introduced Courtney Cole.

Courtney Cole spoke after being introduced by Representative Talboy:

[applause] Thank you. Thank you so much….It means a lot to me that you’re all here…[introduction of hosts]

…We have a real need for change here right now. And I think we all realize that….

…I also want to thank the Johnson County Democratic Central Committee. And many central committee members are here tonight. And your early endorsement of me means the world. It’s so important to have that. [applause] Thank you. I’m honored….

…We all know why we’re here. It’s because we need change. It wasn’t that long ago, just about a year, really, after the election, that we all stood in this room…and talked about getting organized and making change and how important that was to realign our party. And to make sure that we’re making good steps so that we have that leadership representing us in the House or in the Senate. Because right now the Democrats, you know, we really don’t have a voice. We don’t have a representative….And it’s important for us to have that.

I think that since that meeting last year we have made a lot of changes. And we’ve made a lot of changes for the good. And I think they’re seeing it. And I think that they should. And that’s why I’ve come out early.

But this is gonna be a long race. So I’m gonna need your help. I really am. I’m gonna need your support. I’m gonna need your money. I’m gonna need your volunteer time. I’m gonna need your yard so I can put up a sign. I’m gonna need you to go out and walk with me in a parade. I’m gonna need you to blow up balloons and mail mail, stick stamps at the house. Okay, come on by. I’d love to have you….I appreciate your friendship and, and everything that you have given me so far.

And, you know, this is my first fundraiser and I’m always gonna remember this. I’m gonna remember the faces that are sitting in this room right now. So thank you. Thank you so much. [applause]….

This will be a tough, hard fought race. The republicans will throw all the money the need into this one, but Denny Hoskins has accumulated a lot of baggage. Given his record he’ll be accumulating even more during the next legislative session.