We went to the Culture Cafe on the Loop to attend a solidarity meeting sponsored by Health Care for America Now.  There was a killer DJ, and not really liking DJs that much it is a serious compliment.  The incedible classy Culture Cafe has great food and it is CHEAP.  It’s attached to a very stylish salon and is adorned with art and books and posters.  Real class.

We stood outside with the HCAN crew and asked the myriad “Loop” hipsters that passed us  to sign our petition, and many did!  Did not see ONE teabagger.  Got to pass our new UMSL BLOG cards made that day by  Creative Litho Inc.  Never go anywhere else.  They made me 250 cards in 3 hours and the price was right.

My growth moment came from a guy I saw at the Mehlville Town Hall a few weeks back.  He was at this event and handing out fliers with the rest of us.  His name is Brian, and he said something that I took to heart.  As people walked by I kept saying, “twenty thousand insured people die every year because of undercoverage or denied coverage, you are not safe, that’s six 9/11s every year.”  He advised me that the “be afraid” tactic might make us sound like the Right and their eight year long program of scaring Americans.  I could not agree more.  Thanks Brian and thanks to all who showed up to this great event.  Leadership is action not position.