CQPolitics reports that Bill Stouffer is running for Congress.

“Enough is enough,” Stouffer told CQ Politics Friday. “We’ve lost sight of what the role of the federal government is. We forget that the federal government was created by the states to serve the states, not to dictate to the states, and I’m concerned with the deficits that we’re running up.”

Interestingly enough, nothing before 2007 or 2009 was brought up in regards to the whole deficit, spending, Federal power thing. Hmm. Ok then. Other blurbs in the article suggest Stouffer is running a generic Republican’t campaign (no stimulus, no cap’n’trade, no health care reform).

The MO-4 race was covered when Vicky Hartzler announced her candidacy.

As started in that post, the number of MO-4 Republican primary votes out of Cass surpassed the number of Republican primary votes in Ray, Lafayette, and Saline counties. Which means that a Hartzler/Stouffer primary would be decided in the southern part of the district.