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The word “ACORN” drips off the tongue of a winger with scorn: ACORN, that (gasp!) registers people to vote; ACORN, that (horrors!) promotes health care reform; ACORN, that (disgusting!) pressures mortgage lenders not to screw over loan applicants. You’d think those ACORN troublemakers would be ashamed of such behavior, wouldn’t you?

Really, though, to look on ACORN members as anything less than heroes is a sign of ignorance or delusion. Here’s the latest proof. They applied pressure to the four major lenders who were still refusing to do their part to prevent foreclosures: the “home wreckers” weren’t allowing people with adjustable rate mortgages to refinance so that their payments would be no more than 31 percent of their income.

Now, all four of the “Home Wreckers” have caved. All four have agreed to do what they should have done without having to be shamed into it, what they were refusing to do–until ACORN shone the light on their ugly actions. And ACORN is not done with these reprobates yet:

“ACORN is very pleased with the success of its “Home Wrecker Four” campaign launched on June 30, 2009.   With HomEq’s announcement that it has joined HAMP, more foreclosures will be averted and fewer families displaced.  Despite this victory, ACORN efforts will continue to insure that servicers are compliant with all HAMP guidelines and to work with servicers in the development of “best practices” to achieve maximum results.   Initial key concerns that ACORN must address include servicers continued foreclosure efforts against HAMP eligible borrowers and the poor implementation of modifications which was recently reported by Treasury as only 9% of the 2.7 million eligible loans,” Said Bertha Lewis, ACORN CEO/Chief Organizer.

All I have to say to ACORN is “Keep on keepin’ on.”