Over at P-D’s Political Fix, Bill Lambrecht pretends that those on the left pressuring Ben Nelson of Nebraska to support health care reform are the same as those on the right attacking McCaskill for her support of reform.

Democracy for America and Progressive Change Campaign Committee have been funding ads with a local small businessman asking Ben Nelson to support health care reform. Is there any evidence that DFA has asked its members to disrupt townhall meetings or to attempt to barge into local Senate offices? Are they displaying pictures of Obama with a Hitler mustache? Are they shouting during public appearances by congresspeople and senators? All of these describe McCaskill’s detractors on the right, none describe Nelson’s critics on the left.

Here’s the ad that health care proponents have funded in Nebraska:

The funny thing is, the House bill and some versions of the Senate bill, including those with the public option, all do a very good job of all of the things Nelson claims as his principles. And McCaskill, a fellow Senate moderate, supports the public option.