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Rude, loud, and obnoxious. And to think that there wasn’t a dirty anti-war hippy anywhere in sight.

After driving five hundred miles (in eight and a half hours) round trip I had time to reflect and process the event at Jefferson College in Hillsboro. The seemingly impotent rage coming from some of the people in attendance was stunning in its force.

They’re pissed that Obama is president. They’re pissed that McCain isn’t. They’re pissed that Jim Talent isn’t their senator. They probably voted for George W. Bush twice (and probably his daddy twice). They’d probably be pissed if you pointed out that dubya is and was a monumental screw-up – it reminds them that they made that particular choice. They didn’t vote for Claire. They’ll never vote for Claire. They’re outraged that their sense of entitlement about calling the shots in what others should believe and even how the open forum should have been run isn’t accepted or catered to.

To them a late entering African American woman breaking the “sign rule” is an outrage upon civilized society and is pointed out instantly. It is enough of an outrage so that some jerk can jump out of the stands and try to rip it away (for God’s sake, it was a Rosa Parks poster). Yet, a bunch of people can stand after that with their “Don’t Tread on Me” flags and there’s not a whisper from the crowd.

They’re pissed that Claire asked how many of them were on Medicare (several hundred) and then asking how many wanted off (a handful) – pointing out the crowd’s hypocrisy about government health care. No matter what anyone does they’ll be pissed and stay pissed. And they ain’t voting for any Democrats. Ever.

Not everyone in attendance was opposed to health care reform

“…But there was little she said that didn’t elicit jeers and yelling, usually from the same few loudmouths. Within thirty feet of me, there were half a dozen middle aged males who frequently screamed their displeasure….”

The altercation over an “unauthorized sign”. Law enforcement quickly separated the parties and escorted them outside.

Curiously, after the first “unauthorized sign” incident the crowd didn’t take issue with these signs. I wonder why?

The press conference after the forum.

The obligatory teabagger Hitler/Obama comparison.

Pro-reform activists displayed a number of satirical signs outside after the event.

I asked those carrying the signs if people “got it”. They weren’t sure if people did.

Teabaggers were also well represented with signs after the event.

Evidently insurance company sponsored euthanasia is okay.

The lady from the “unauthorized sign” incident with her Rosa Parks poster.

In traffic on the way back on Highway 21 approaching I-270. I wonder if this driver had one for dubya when gas was $4 a gallon. Nah, *IOKIYAR.

* it’s okay if you’re a republican