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Does Dana Loesch speak from the heart or what? What passion. In reference to Russ Carnahan’s statement after the Thursday town hall, she laid it on the line:

The first opportunity this man has to address his constituents, the very first opportunity he has, what does he do? He blames YOU! He says you’re the disruption. He says nothing about the beat down of Kenneth Gladney. Nothing! That’s the first … It’s the first chance he has to make a statement. He coulda been peaceable. Again, folks, this is your legislator (inaudible). He decided to make you the enemy, even though it is known that people were bused into that town hall. It is known they were staff.

That is some powerful oratory. And indeed, why couldn’t the congressman look past the shouted insults and see into your hearts, understand that you oppose every one of his political principles and that you will stop at nothing to stay him from achieving them? Knowing that, why couldn’t he be more Christ-like, turn the other cheek, and vote no on health insurance reform? His stubbornness is unfathomable.

As for Carnahan’s failure to comment on the beat down of Kenneth Gladney, a bigger man than he would assume that Gladney’s account of the skirmish is the truth and that the SEIU person, Elston McCowan, lied. After all, Gladney hollered the loudest to the media.

And finally, Loesch has a point about the busing. How dare those SEIU people carpool to an event?

Speaking of Christ-like behavior, though, I have to admit to a niggling doubt about the teabaggers’ basic aims on this issue. I mean, Christ was always about healing the sick, so where would he stand in this debate? Oh! Never mind. It’s come to me. He’d probably keep the system we have and tell sick people to look for a miracle from Him. Right, Ms. Loesch?