Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill had scheduled a Health Care Reform Town Hall Meeting on Tuesday at the University City High School, a very diverse suburb of St. Louis MO. The school district wisely, and I mean very wisely, decided to unilaterally cancel this event citing safety concerns.

The “teabaggers” are lucky, very lucky. University City is probably the most diverse of St. Louis’ many Suburb. It is home of the St. Louis’ China Town. It boasts about a large Russian and Jewish community. It is the home of the Loop, a cosmopolitan stretch of Delmar Ave. with many music, art, food and fashion venues. It also has a strong and vibrant African American community. U City is proud of this diversity but struggles with a recent history of gang related violence that left a University City Police officer dead last summer.

“U City” is not a 93.9% white, low key, South County suburb like Mehlville where violence erupted at a town hall meeting hosted by Missouri 3rd District Rep. Russ Carnahan.

The primarily white and definitely rowdy “teabaggers” that hijacked that event are just spiteful and stupid enough make the same play in U City, but the results would be MUCH different. And the U City school board was smart enough to know that and the “teabaggers” got lucky, very lucky.