We’ve long suspected it, but now it’s official. Ed Martin’s good buddy Bill Hennessey has officially lost it.

The DNC has enlisted Europeans (yes, Europeans) to attack me personally for describing Obama’s Turn In Your Dissenting Neighbor policy.  I have offended the people from the lands WE ESCAPED to come to this country and find freedom.

The international turmoil results from my having described the White House’s flag@whitehouse.gov policy as fascist.  Well, it is.  We learn today, via Byron York, that the White House plans to build a database of opponents to Obama’s dictatorial plans.  (Running the country through czars without Congressional or judicial oversight is dictatorship, you cheese-eating surrender monkeys.)

Even by Bill’s usual standard of gibberish, normally a word salad with random mentions of socialism, Democrats, freedom, conservatism with the the barest tether to reality, this post is really insane.