Seems like Representative Todd Akin (R., 2nd Dist.) is actually holding constituent meetings — sort of. Specifically, he put together a “Freedom Conference” that took place today at Maryville University.

Although I am a constituent of Mr. Akin, I didn’t get an invitation to this event, but perhaps that is my fault for not checking out his Webpage carefully enough, or not reading thoroughly enough in the right places to see the announcement.  However, I am not alone in having missed this event.  Since according to KWMU, the crowd of 450 was “overwhelmingly Republican,” it seems that many of his constituents that don’t fit that description failed to make it as well.  Coincidence I am sure.

The conference consisted of presentations from four panelists, joined by Mr. Akin, who seems to have been in fine fettle, doing what he does best, which is spew poorly digested Republican talking points:

“Every day is like Halloween; it’s scarier than the previous as we keep opening up these can of worms,” Akin said, noting that town halls sponsored by several Democrats have been disrupted by protesters upset with what he called Obama’s socialized medicine plan.

It never fails to amaze me that to cause a certain segment of our population to salivate, you only need mention socialism — and, even more surprising, the more they drool, they less they seem to actually know about it.  

At this meeting, Akin did not allow for questions — it was evidently intended just to lay down the word, not take the temperature of the masses — not that he needed to with this particular subset of said masses.  He indicated that he might hold real town halls — where there could be some give-and take and he might actually hear from the full range of his constituents  — only “if the logistics would work.”  

Let’s see if I’ve got this right.  Todd Akin has the month of August off just to meet with us and he is worried that he can’t manage the logistics of any type of meeting apart from events like today’s highly-managed panel of right-wing propagandists strutting before a friendly audience, or telephone town-halls where he has serious control over what happens?  

And then the smug so-and-so has the gall to smirk about the disruption of real town-halls held  by his Democratic colleagues, who have the integrity and courage to meet with and listen to all of their constituents  — in spite of the antics of astroturfers and fringe-wingers that seem to give Mr. Akin so much satisfaction.  

Update:  FiredUpMissouri has video of Akin’s jocular take on violence at Democratic town-halls