Meetings between our congressional delegation and their constituents are already taking place.  As all but the most reclusive have heard, meetings with Democratic and moderate Republican members of congress are being widely disrupted by fringe-wingers organized by astroturf organizations opposed to health care reform and clean energy policy.

This sitution can present a conundrum for those of you who know that this turn of events makes it even more important than ever that your congress member gets another point of view and that there be counter-balance to the hooligans. But when you see video of what has happened, you may have questions about your safety and legitimate concerns that such meetings have no chance of being open and constructive.

Health Care for America Now (HCAN) has prepared a strategy document detailing ways to respond and neutralize Teabag banshees. Additionally, House Democrats have been  strategizing together about how to foil fringe-wingers efforts to stifle discussion so they are aware of the need to address the problem.

As I suggested earlier, it wouldn’t hurt to contact your congress person to insure that he/she is aware of the need for security, and to find out if he/she has a contingency plan if the shouting and chanting get out of control.  Our congress members need to know that we are concerned about efforts to suppress our right to free expression.