A frontpager at DailyKos caught Claire McCaskill’s tweets on the topic of increasing the level of support for the Cash for clunkers program, which has already been approved in the House:

We put a billion $$ in cash for clunker program.That’s 250,000 cars. We weren’t sure how long it would last,but a billion of your $ is alot.


No NEW spending for cash for clunkrs. May support if it is $ already appropriated for stimulus.Want to see #s &how they’re gonna cut it off.

I agree with the diarist, David Waldman, who asks:

So aren’t we then putting “a billion $$” into a program that… puts that “billion $$” back into the pockets of American taxpayers? What’s the difference between this and a tax credit, which Republicans can’t seem to get enough of?

She may be unclear on the concept, since, as Waldman points out, the bill passed in the house indicates that:

… this isn’t new money, but a transfer of money already appropriated (with McCaskill’s vote) in the stimulus bill.

I am not really surprised since by now I know that McCaskill is always eager to impress the down-home folks with her thrifty ways, even when it doesn’t make much sense.  Remember when she was going on about how the House Clean Energy bill would penalize the coal-dependent people of Missouri — without getting her facts straight? Or, evidently, without doing any real anaysis at all.  

I’ve always heard that you can judge people by the company they keep.  So make of it what you will that John McCain is twittering in sweet harmony:

I remain strongly opposed to “Cash for Clunkers” – it’s a terrible idea!

I think we call folks that talk like this Republicans.