I have just registered for the Health Care Listening Forum that Claire McCaskill will be holding in my area (for locations, times, and registration forms, see McCaskill’s Webpage where you can find meetings scheduled for the St. Louis area and for SouthEastern Missouri). McCaskill has come out in favor of reform and for the public option, but she needs to know that you have her back. You may have thought that you could leave the heavy lifting to our Democrats in congress after the message we sent at the polls last November, but, alas, that does not seem to be the case.

In view of the the stated aim of AstroTurf organizations like Americans for Prosperity (AFP) and FreedomWorks to use their Tea Party dupes to disrupt these meetings,  I have also sent McCaskill an email asking what will be done to insure my safety.  While I have no desire to stifle legitimate protest, I want to be sure that I will be attending a meeting where there will be real give and take and not a riot orchestrated for the TV cameras.

For what it is worth, I will be sending the same message to Senator Bond and my Representative, Todd Akin (neither of whom seem to have any meeting announcements on their Webpages), although I have little hope that they will take my concern seriously.  Still, they should be aware that even tacitly endorsing brownshirt tactics may result in unexpected blowback.

Perhaps you might want to contact your congress person and let him/her know that you are concerned about the potential for violent and chaotic disruption at August meetings you might want to attend.