At a May meeting between some of the frontpagers, Michael showed us some methods of looking at who is visiting the site on a daily basis. One of the examples, picked at random, happened to be a company called New Media Strategies, based in Northern Virginia. The name intrigued me, so I poked around to see who these guys were.

New Media Strategies is a media firm specializing in online brand promotion, and they’ve had a number of high profile clients over the years, Fred Thompson’s 2008 campaign for example. The CEO of New Media Strategies is a guy named Peter Snyder. Snyder is a maxed out contributor to Blunt’s Senate campaign, and his maxed out contribution to Blunt’s House campaign last cycle was essentially rolled into Blunt’s Senate campaign with the rest of his warchest when Blunt declared his candidacy for Bond’s seat. He also donated to Blunt’s favored candidate, Rudy Giuliani, in the presidential primary, despite the fact that his wife (more on her in a minute) went to work for Fred Thompson. In short, Snyder likes Blunt.

Snyder’s wife is Burson Taylor Snyder, who just rejoined Blunt’s House office (not his campaign) as deputy chief of staff. She served as his communications director from 2001 to 2007, before leaving to join Fred Thompson’s presidential campaign. (In the linked press release, I love how Fred ’08 is referred to as a leading presidential campaign, which is only accurate if by leading, you mean beating Giuliani and Tancredo.) Fired Up has some vintage work by Snyder in the Abramoff era spinning on behalf of Roy Blunt.

Snyder’s team has been looking at us on a daily basis during the work week since around the time Bond announced he would not seek reelection. I have no idea why they are reading a liberal leaning blog, but we’re glad for the attention. I just wanted to make clear that we know that they are looking at us. And although I haven’t seen any evidence of it yet, if they post any spinning here, or if any trolls originate in their office, we’ll make sure everyone knows about it.

One more thing. I don’t see New Media Strategies on Blunt’s campaign finance reports. Even if Snyder’s outfit is doing it as a favor to Blunt, it should be reported as an in-kind donation, but I don’t see them listed.