Tony Messenger finally figured out that the Jay Nixon everyone has been including in their tweets (@JayNixon) was not in fact the Governor of Missouri or a member of his staff.

Tidbit of the day: The former Twitterer who used @JayNixon was not Gov. Jay Nixon or his staff. Twitter has suspended the account.  

about 9 hours ago from TweetDeck

I thought it was curious that Chad Livengood, Dave Catanese, Tony Messenger, et al. in the Missouri political press kept including @JayNixon in their tweets if the tweet mentioned Gov. Nixon, which is proper etiquette on Twitter if the subject of a tweet is actually on Twitter. In this case, someone registered an account with the user name “JayNixon” and nobody bothered to check if it was actually someone from the governor’s office. Which is funny, since I seem to recall Governor Nixon stating at one point that he never intended to twitter, although I suppose politicians can truly never say never.

I would chastise the governor and his staff for not picking up on the squatter themselves at an earlier point, but something similar happened to us earlier this year. Someone mentioned that they had started following @showmeprogress on Twitter, but none of us front pagers could recall registering an account with that name (we all have our own accounts.) And a password request did not generate an e-mail to any of our inboxes.

Since the first followers for that account were people like Rod Jetton and Carl Bearden, my guess is that some enterprising Republican activist squatted the account to prevent us from using it for a time. In any event, we lodged a complaint with Twitter, and just as the phony Jay Nixon account, the squatted Show Me Progress shows up as suspended “due to suspicious activity.”