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Yeah, this is a process story. Since we cover politics and government in Missouri and President Obama was here yesterday, we went through the process to be able to cover his trip. Since we don’t cover major league baseball (pace RBH) we weren’t going to get credentials to cover the first pitch along with 2500 other media folks. Instead, we covered the arrival and departure of the President on Air Force One.

Inivted guests waiting next to the press pen for the arrival of the President.

And it could happen. The President could decide that he’s a little ahead of schedule and go ahead and work the rope line. Then we’d get some nice close up photos and maybe a comment or two. It didn’t happen, but you show up just in case it does happen.

It’s much louder in person.


President Obama exits with Wille Mays.

After the motorcade left for the game invited guests (and practically everyone else) took turns posing for photos with Air Force One in the background. In case you’re wondering, yes, I have one of those photos, too.

Our running gag as we waited in the press pen between arrival and departure and as commercial air traffic on final approach passed to land: “Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking, if you look to your right you’ll see Air Force One. Those little dots on the ground are people sleeping in the press pen.”

There’s a photo floating around somewhere of me sleeping on the ground on the tarmac with Air Force One in the background. I’m hoping to get a copy.

The president enters the aircraft. It was dark and I have no idea who is with him.