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A month ago I criticized the Young Democrats of Missouri for among other things, having a crappy website that they never bother to update (there’s still a poll about Matt Blunt on the front page.)  Not surprisingly, it’s still completely inactive. So is their Facebook page, which appears to be stuck in September of 2008.

All of this is made more infuriating by the fact that I listened to speech after speech by candidates at the YDMO convention for the various officer slots, each of whom talked about how they wanted to improve the YDMO online presence. Instead, since being elected, not a thing has been done.

As I posted previously, this isn’t in a vacuum. We have a huge amount of momentum from what the Obama campaign accomplished last year in winning the youth vote so decisively. Because we know the state party isn’t going to get it done (more on that in a future post) the Young Democratss of Missouri should be out front in showing what can be done to reach out to young people across the state with new media. For some reason, they are not. YDMO is continuing to waste a great opportunity.

UPDATE: Lo and behold, the Facebook page has been updated with the current officers. And the YDMO home page finally displays a poll about a current topic and an April press release, instead of a poll about Matt Blunt and a press release from mid-September.

Still crappy, but making progress.