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We all get a laugh at the following from a State Senator in Arizona.

Transcript and relevance to Missouri below

   I can’t say enough how it’s time that we get beyond and start focusing on this technology we have and move forward into the future so that our grandchildren can have the same lifestyle we have.

   This Earth’s been here 6,000 years — and I know I’m going on and on and I’ll shut up — it’s been here 6,000 years, long before anybody had environmental laws, and somehow it hasn’t been done away with.

   We need to get the uranium here in Arizona so this state can get the money from it and the revenues from it. It can be done safely and you’ll never even know the mine was there when they’re done.

   So I am for this.

Let’s not forget this line in the 2008 Missouri GOP Platform.

Empowering local school districts to determine how best to handle the teaching of creationism and the theory of evolution.

Coool! Let’s have every school board election in Missouri about the teaching of creationism.

We need the good senator from Arizona to force her friends in Missouri to put this part of the GOP platform into law.