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Apparently Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder still has time to affix his electronic signature to an e-mail blast advertising a rally for an astroturf operation of Washington, DC based Americans for Prosperity. AFP bills itself as a grassroots group, but it’s funded by a variety of right wing foundations, and has close ties to Koch Industries. To give you a sense of these guys’ politics, Koch Industries founder Fred Koch helped found the John Birch Society, and the president of AFP, Tim Phillips, was disgraced Republican political consultant Ralph Reed‘s partner at Century Strategies. Think Progress has much more on Americans for Prosperity here.

But I digress. The blast e-mail Kinder sent out is on behalf of an Americans for Prosperity project called Patients United Now (which I will only refer to as PUN from now on.) The e-mail announces a rally in Clayton this Saturday. With as much basis in reality as a Bircher fulminating against fluoride in our drinking water, PUN poses the following questions:

  • Do you want Washington politicians to take away your right to choose your doctors and hospitals?
  • Do you want to be forced into a one-size-fits-all government health care plan?
  • Do you want all your private medical records put into an interactive government database by 2014?
  • Do you want such a system to “guide” your doctor in his or her treatment decisions?
  • Do you want Washington to “cut costs” by delaying and denying your care?
  • Well, I don’t want bears to attack and eat my family, I don’t want raging wildfires to consume my neighborhood, and I don’t want a sticky goo raining down on me wherever I go, but based on proposed legislation, there’s just as much reason to believe that any of these things would occur as what PUN proposes would happen.

    Under currently proposed legislation, you can keep your current health insurance plan if you’re happy with it. Not sure if the public plan will offer you the choice of any doctor or hospital under the sun, but I don’t know too many private insurance plans that offer that much choice, either. It’s worth noting that in most countries with publicly guaranteed universal health care, everyone has a choice of any doctor they want.

    Anyway, I’m really glad that Kinder and his stuff have the time to spread a bunch of wingnut nonsense. I’m also really glad that some city Democrats fall for his schtick as a so-called moderate based on posturing on METRO funding, but hey, you can keep your head in the sand if you want.

    Just one more thought: why do Republicans prefer to hold rallies and speeches in Clayton?