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Talk about taking lemons and making lemonade. Cynthia Davis is termed out of HD 19 and has been considering a run for statewide office, and she seems to think her recent bout of national notoriety (Stephen Colbert on Cynthia Davis, Olbermann spanks Cynthia Davis, Cynthia Davis: Home cookin’) might help her win the GOP primary for auditor.  I said from the outset of this brouhaha that she would enjoy being a victim.

And she might be right about the publicity. Every child who has ever risked detention for the fun of creating a disturbance in class can tell you that negative attention is better than nothing. It beats being boring, and it gets the admiration of a certain classroom demographic.

Now she gets to strut in front of all the tea party looneys in the state as the bull goose looney. She’s way more interesting than goody two shoes Thomas Schweich, Jack Danforth’s protege. Schweich has announced he’s running for auditor.

Of course, Allen Icet, head of the Budget Committee in the House, is also running for auditor, and he’s every bit as looney as Cynthia, but … he’s never been spanked by Olbermann and Colbert. It’s not too late, though. If he makes enough noise about how he first threatened to refuse the stimulus funds, then tried to spend them on a tax cut, and finally tried to spend the whole two year’s worth in one session, maybe they would take pity on him and rail against his stupidity.

Because otherwise he’s just going to have to depend on getting 81 of the 89 Republican representatives to endorse him. Pretty dull stuff.

photo of Daffy Duck courtesy of Flickr user Christian & Cie under a Creative Commons license.