Last week I posted about the surprising attacks on Russ Carnahan for his vote in favor of ACES, an energy bill that will greenhouse gas emissions. It looks like McArthur had some help in putting together this stunt.

At :45 in this video, Ed Martin, the well-known Republican hack, makes an appearance:

I don’t know Randy McArthur, but it looks like his concern about the bill is genuine. And I can definitely understand, with the economic troubles we’re facing at all levels, McArthur is worried about any additional costs that might be placed on his business. But let’s face it – it’s not like cap and trade will automatically cause an increase in electricity prices while they will remain stable without it. That’s simply not the case. Electricity prices in Missouri have increased steadily since the 1970s, and there’s no indication that this will suddenly halt if no cap and trade system is put in place.

What the American Clean Energy and Security Act aims to do is to curb greenhouse gas emissions by making it progressively harder to use dirtier fuels like coal and progressively easier to use clean energy like wind and solar. It also invests a lot of money in conservation efforts, like weatherization, higher fuel economy standards, and building a smart grid.

As I keep pointing out, the CBO scored ACES as costing the average American household a postage stamp a day, and they did not even factor in the savings from higher energy efficiency. It’s quite likely that the average Missourian will spend less on energy in 2020 than he or she does today. And for this effort, we’ll have cleaner skies and avoid the catastrophic effects of climate change, which include coastal flooding, more dangerous storms both on the coasts and in the Midwest, and increased danger of drought.

Sounds like a good deal to me.

…adding for readers who may not be aware of who Ed Martin is, he’s the former chief of staff for Republican Governor Matt Blunt and also headed up the American Issues Project, the conservative 527 that tried to run ads tying Obama to William Ayers.