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.Sean focuses on one of Bond’s outrageous statements to KY3, namely that we should thank Bush for Iraq. (Sen. Bond, thanks, but no thanks.)

But I think the bigger story here is a leading Republican calling for the US to cut off the inflow of refined petroleum into Iran in order to change the government of Iran.

[Senator Bond] That will cause a change in the regime’s attitude, or a regime change, because they’re short of refined petroleum.

Iran is indeed short on refined petroleum, and there’s been some congressional support for trying to cut off refined petroleum exports to Iran in order to exert pressure on the Iranians to stop their nuclear program. But I can’t imagine a more direct way of “proving” to those Iranian people sitting on the fence that the reformists are American puppets than to threaten a US-led blockade on the Iranians in order to effect “regime change”.

Also, can we retire the term “regime change?”