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Missouri State Representative Cynthia “Are there no prisons? Are there no work houses?” Davis (r) continues to have a not so good, very bad month. Some of our previous coverage:

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An unsigned lead editorial in the dead trees edition of today’s Warrensburg Daily Star-Journal takes Representative Davis to task for her views on the summer meals program:

Rep. Davis shows no understanding of poor

Rep. Cynthia Davis, R-O’Fallon, in a newsletter states “hunger can be a positive motivator” for getting people to find jobs.

Davis must never have heard of Abraham Maslow. In 1943, he wrote “A Theory of Human Motivation.” He articulated ideas that “oft were thought but ne’er so well expressed.” In making his point about why humans behave in basic ways, he produced what became known as Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. At the base of his pyramid are a person’s most basic needs – to breathe, to drink, to eat… To be plain, to eat is to live. Food is for life, not for motivation.

Davis no doubt did not realize that motivation is best described as an award from peers, a bonus from the boss, a kiss from a spouse, a hug from a child. She must have missed Maslow’s lessons while living in her nice suburban St. Louis home, far from those low-income people in the big cities who so need her to provide proper motivation…

…May Davis never know hunger, but if ever she does, she can dine on that foot in her mouth.

Ouch. That’s gonna leave a mark. Go. Read the whole thing.

Now, the question for Representative Denny Hoskins (r – noun, verb, CPA) is, since your home town paper stated, “…for Davis to head the House Special Standing Committee on Children and Families seems about as useful to those children and families as putting Trick “Pass Me the Blunt and Let Me Roll It” Daddy in charge of the state’s drug prevention programs…”, should she continue in that House leadership role? We’d certainly like to know if you endorse her views and her chairmanship of that committee, Representative Hoskins.