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Cynthia Davis is has been popular in the 19th district, O’Fallon. Unbeatable, in fact. Partly that’s because she’s such an effective campaigner. When she’s out there going door to door, she can make with the small talk like nobody else. Even Democrats report voting for her because she’s so friendly. Friendly? Maybe. But one man’s friendly is another man’s smarmy. I wince when I hear a woman emote, “I just love your house“.

Regardless of how you judge her personal style, though, the hard truth for Cynthia is that, as of 2010, she’s termed out. She’s thinking of running for auditor, but the idea of a win in that race, especially in light of her current toxicity, is so far fetched it’s almost cute. And the loss of her salary as a state rep is going to be a serious financial blow, because the income from the Christian bookstore she and her husband run is unlikely to feed them and their seven children.

So she wants her husband Bernie to run for the state rep seat and has been trotting the idea out to anyone who might listen, even though there are two Republicans in the district who have already formed committees for the job. Bernie Davis would have name recognition going for him, but other than that, he’d be one sorry candidate. I wasn’t kind about Cynthia’s personal style, but at least she has one, and it has served her well. The report I get is that her husband has less charisma than unpainted drywall–both one-on-one and in front of a group. But wait. I’ve got the solution to their problem. She can leave him at home in charge of the kids and do all his campaigning for him.

Running against him–or whoever wins the R primary–will be Matt Simmons. Simmons is a fortyish guy who has done his time in the trenches, serving on the Hazelwood school board and currently as chairman of the St. Charles County Ambulance District and as Boone Township Democratic Committeeman.

Simmons is already getting the support he needs for a successful run for office. The St. Charles County Democrats had a fundraising BBQ for him earlier this month. And, AND, he will be the beneficiary of funds that have been earmarked for Democrats running for open seats that have been held by Republicans. There’s money available for those seats in this all important effort to take the majority in the State House in 2010. Governor Nixon wants to use the political capital that he is still enjoying from the November 2008 election, and he’s glad to use it in hopes of moving the House over to his side of the fence.

Work is already in progress on Simmons’ website, and he’s getting professional advice on how to run the campaign. Early donations to his campaign are already coming in. This is the kind of help that normally doesn’t materialize before the spring of election year.

O’Fallon is going to be interesting to watch. If primary voters go for the familiar Davis name, the contest would boil down to a choice between a sane Democrat and the spouse of a “birther“, “let them eat McDonalds” Wacko.  I say, if you’re going to offer voters a Wacko, at least let people have the real McCoy, not just a colorless imitation.