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On one of my trips to Jeff City this spring, I was talking to a small group of Democratic reps, and the subject of a recent dinner provided by lobbyists came up. I can’t remember now which rep it was who said that the food was good, and she’d have gone back for seconds on something, but she figured she’d leave it for Cynthia. Then they explained to me how Davis packs up what’s left on the tables at any Thursday evening meals and takes it home to feed her children.

Keith Olbermann found out about the ingenious way that Cynthia “let them eat McDonalds” Davis feeds her kids:

Olbermann is way harsh: he overlooks the fact that what Cynthia objects to is how free summer meals can break up families:

These are children who have parents already providing meals for their children.  This program could have an unintended consequence of diminishing parental involvement.  Why have meals at home with your loved ones if you can go to the government soup kitchen and get one for free?  This could have the effect of breaking apart more families.

What she gleans from the tables in the Capitol is quite different from those free summer meals. She’s going to take that home and serve it in her own kitchen at a family meal. They’ll say grace first and smile lovingly at each other as they eat the food provided by lobbyists.

See the difference, Keith? She’s not a thief; she’s more like a … forager. Sheesh, give her a break.

Next thing you know, he’ll be giving her trouble for being a “birther”. (We hope.)

It’s almost a shame Davis is termed out next year. It would be so satisfying, after all this hoopla, to see a Democrat beat her fanny in the 19th.