In spite of a week of attacks and escalating rhetoric and denunciations from right wing squawk-radio and their legions of minions in right blogistan, people stubbornly continue to trust the President and distrust the GOP on virtually every big issue.  

Especially those all-crucial independents who make or break elections:

  • On the issue of health care 51% trust the President, while only 26% trust Congressional republicans.
  • On the economy, 51% trust the President, while 31% trust the republicans in Congress.
  • On budget deficits, 52% of independents trust the President, while 30% trust the GOP.
  • On handling terrorism, 53% trust the President, while 36% trust the republicans in Congress.

Think about those numbers for a moment. On every single major issue independent voters trust President Obama more than the republicans in Congress.   And by significant numbers, too. The closest the GOP comes is on terrorism, the subject they have tried to co-opt and make their own by fear mongering and hyperbolic rhetoric.  Apparently the only people who believe that President Obama wants to simultaneously surrender to al Qaeda and raise the Hammer & Sickle over the White House are the hard-core, rigid thinking right – the lunatic fringe and the hard liners.

Bad news for the GOP is good news to me, because I am a partisan Democrat and never pretended to be anything else.  Therefore I am giddy beyond belief at the continued implosion of the republican party.  Far be it from me to interfere with an adversary while he is doing something stupid.