From the Hill:

Former state Treasurer Sarah Steelman appears increasingly less likely to run against Blunt, and she acknowledged Monday that she is looking at a possible campaign for Blunt’s open House seat as an alternative.

A checklist. Sarah Steelman was born in and graduated from school in Jeff City (the 4th), is married to David Steelman from Dent County (the 8th), represented a state senate district (also in the 8th), and now thinks that she can win a Republican primary in the 7th. An area that she has no solid roots in, against multiple candidates from the district.

Why do I get the suspicion that some of the people nudging Sarah Steelman into a Congressional race are doing so just to move her from a primary she could win (Senate) to one she couldn’t win (Congress)? Not that Missouri Republican bigwigs wouldn’t set someone up so blatantly, of course.