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Via CQ (no link):

House GOP leaders warned that if Democrats persist in including a public plan in health care legislation, they will campaign vigorously against it.

“If a government-run plan is a competitor, pretty soon you’ll have no other competition,” said Roy Blunt of Missouri, who heads the party’s House health care working group.

He said the federal government will always have an unfair advantage over the private sector. Such a plan “will drive people away from the coverage they have now” and lead to rationing of health care and medical decisions made by government bureaucrats, he said.

“We need more competition, not less,” he added.

Never mind the stuff about campaigning against health reform. Republicans can’t even get it together enough to decide on a message, much less mount a campaign.

And rationing? Really?

Mr. Blunt, what do you think we have now? People get denied care every day, care that they paid for. Is that not rationing? And, Mr. Blunt, can you show me where, in any bill or plan that has been proposed, your choice of doctor or coverage is taken away? Show me the line or the quote, I’d love to see it.

However, Blunt’s point at the end? I agree. We do need more competition. Because right now, there is no competition. 94% of the markets in America are “highly concentrated,” that is, they are virtually monopolies. No wonder premiums have skyrocketed and quality has gone down.

Yes, Mr. Blunt, we need more competition. We need a public health insurance option, available nationally, to drive that competition. With the addition of a public health insurance option, these markets, now near-monopolies, would be competitive overnight.

So, the real question is, Mr. Blunt, why are you against that?

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