How sad is it that we think it is a glimmer of hope for journalism when a dead-tree reporter repeats unsubstantiated rumors, but at least he states up front that what he has written 500 words on boils down to nothing more than allegations, allusions and third-hand,unsubstantiated rumors?

Missouri State University and nine other state schools have committed — in writing — to Gov. Jay Nixon that the $2.2 million they’re getting to expand health care programs will be used for just that.

“We have thought it was a good program from day one,” said Paul Kincaid, chief of staff to MSU President Michael Nietzel.

But Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder asserted Monday that Nixon pressured university leaders into signing the identical form letters, which MSU officials denied was the case.

Kinder, a Republican, admitted his information was based on “rumors” and “third hand reports.”

“I have no proof of that or firsthand knowledge,” Kinder said. “What I’m seeking is to heighten the profile of this issue and discussion, so that we can have an honest discussion with all the cards on the table.” [emphasis added]

Bullshit.  Kinder isn’t interested in anything resembling an honest discussion.  He is trying to muddy the waters with innuendo, rumor and allusions to less than savory behavior that there is no proof to substantiate.  

Let’s look at Kinder’s unique situation before we take him too seriously.   Outside the general assembly, which republicans control because the wingers finally got term limits a few years ago, he is all they got.  Our lineup, on the other hand, is strong; full of sluggers and clean-up batters.   Democrats literally control every statewide office save his.  Auditor.  Treasurer.  Secretary of State.  Governor.  They have…Peter Kinder.  And they only have him because our Governor and Lt. Governor are elected separately and Sam Page (who was the far superior candidate and would have been a great ally in this fight since he is a doctor) didn’t have enough money to swing it.  

Not only that, Jay Nixon has precious little contact with him.  I would go so far as to say that I could get a callback from the Governor’s office nearly as fast as he could – and I know damned good and well that Mike Mahoney would get called back before either one of us.

I guess I just don’t understand this trend of repeating the most ludicrous wingnut idiocy because marginalized morons might throw a hissy-fit and whine about being marginalized.  But guess what, M$M…their hissy-fits only matter because you report them.   As long as you keep rewarding their bad behavior by giving them what they want, they have no incentive to grow up, act like adults and come to the bargaining table in good faith.