As soon as the 111th Congress was seated the republican minority started whining incessantly that they did so have substantive ideas, but the mean ole Democrats were ignoring and marginalizing them.  Well, they are half-right.  They are being ignored and marginalized, but not because they are so clever and wise.

They are being ignored and marginalized because they are blithering damned idiots.  Witness Todd Akin discussing climate change on the House floor last week…

AKIN: This whole thing strikes me if it weren’t so serious as being a comedy you know. I mean, we just went from winter to spring. In Missouri when we go from winter to spring, that’s a good climate change. I don’t want to stop that climate change you know. Who in the world want to put politicians in charge of the weather anyways? What a dumb idea. […]

Some of the models said that we’re going to have surf at the front steps of the Capitol pretty soon. I was really looking forward to that. […]

We’ve been joined by another doctor, a medical doctor but also a guy who graduated from high school science as well, from Georgia, my good friend, Congressman Gingrey. … So to have actually a guy who’s passed high school science is tremendously helpful. And Dr. Fleming from Louisiana.

Now, someone, please…make me understand why, in the name of all that is holy, I supposedly owe it to a jackass like that to give any gravity at all to a single word he utters, including ‘and,’ ‘the’ and ‘of.’  

If the republicans want to be taken seriously they have to stop taking pride in being ignorant.  It isn’t rude to refuse to engage with willfully ignorant and pathologically dishonest jackasses who not only intentionally conflate the definitions of climate and weather, but who intentionally mischaracterize the change of seasons as ‘climate change’ and pretend that weather phenomena can be legislated.  If that were the case, I’m pretty sure that Kansas would have outlawed tornadoes after Udall and just skipped Andover all together.

You can not seriously expect me to engage with untreated mental illness as if it were a credible position.  It is not.  And anyone who insults the intelligence of their constituents with such blithe, glib, voluntary, dishonesty deserves an ass kicking at the polls in the midterms, ‘cuz there is no way in hell the people I know from St. Louis deserve to be represented by this goon.  

*Apologies to George Thorogood