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The right wingnut Mighty Wurlitzer has been going after Sonia Sotomayor for the simple reason that she was on President Obama’s short list for the U.S. Supreme Court vacancy.

Jameson Foser (via Murshed Zaheed):

Where does Sonia Sotomayor go to get her reputation back?

May 08, 2009 6:14 pm ET

With last week’s news that President Obama will soon get to choose a Supreme Court nominee, media immediately began speculating about who he would choose. And, just as quickly, some media started trying to undermine potential selections. (Back when Democrats were expressing skepticism about President Bush’s nomination of Samuel Alito to the high court, the media chastised them for “pre-judging” the nomination. Now the media itself is rushing to judge nominees before they are even nominees. What a difference a few years make.)

Second Circuit Court of Appeals judge Sonia Sotomayor has been the subject of the harshest criticism, led by New Republic writer Jeffrey Rosen. Rosen took a brief glance at Sotomayor’s rulings, talked to a few people who don’t like her, and typed up their anonymous complaints. Sound like an overly harsh assessment of Rosen’s research? It isn’t. In fact, that’s pretty much how Rosen himself describes his research…

Also from Media Matters: Will media note political motives behind conservative criticisms of SCOTUS nominee?

It now appears that she may indeed be his nominee:

Worst Kept Secret In Town To Be Revealed: Sotomayor Announcement