Too many Republican reps lack the embarrassment gene. Some of them not only lack it themselves, they tend to hire people with a similar disability. Mark Parkinson, R-St. Charles, probably sees nothing wrong with it when his legislative aide mails out unsubstantiated accusations like this one to everybody in the capitol.

To all:

Last night, it seems that a member or staff member of the Democratic caucus took it upon themselves to come in through our office’s open door and take some re-decoration upon themselves, in particular defacing a sign posted in the office, and stealing a plush GOP-logo elephant on my desk.  That elephant, in particular, held significant personal value to me.  It’s a gift my late sister-in-law bought me while visiting me in Japan during my time in the Navy.

The sign isn’t a big deal-we have more, and we have a brand new one displayed right now.  But the fact that someone would steal this item off of my desk because of their childish uber-partisanship, not to mention their utter disrespect for other people’s property, is absolutely shameful.  That elephant is one of only a few mementos I have left of my sister-in-law (who passed away this most recent Christmas), and was the reason I kept it on my desk-not simply because I’m a Republican, but mostly to remind me of her.

I’m a fairly partisan person, but I would NEVER think about defacing a sign, much less stealing someone’s property.  To the person who did this: since you probably lack enough courage to actually say something in person, let me respond to you.  You bring shame upon this body.  I have served as an LA for two sessions of the House, and one of my greatest prides and joys has been to drive in every morning from the North, seeing that beautiful dome in the morning air.  I have never once been ashamed of any person or any facet of this building or the House body itself…until now.  On my last day of session, when I’m about to leave this job for good, you have managed to take a fairly happy day and ruin it.  You are an utter disgrace and a worthless person, and I only can hope you are mature enough to meet me in person so I can tell you this to your face.

Nick Haynes

Whoever did it might be a Democrat. Or not. But it’s a bit over the top to claim that the thief has brought shame on the entire capitol. The entire capitol? You mean, like, the whole place? I had no idea it was that easy.

Here’s a more proportionate evaluation: I’m sorry you lost the memento from your sister-in-law, Nick. Really.

But it’s a “shame” you’re so grandiose about it. It hardly matters, though, because your boss won’t have enough sense to be embarrassed.