There was an hour long power outage in the capitol building around noon. Word is that the House tried to continue debate and did manually take two roll call votes. After a recess and power was restored the General Assembly went back into action.

The capitol rotunda in natural light after the power outage.

A televison stand up on the first floor of the capitol building.

Update: I found out later that this was an interview with a state Democratic Party staffer who had been trapped in an elevator for about thirty minutes during the power outage. It was one of the small elevators, he told me, and they had to manually lift it to get it to a point where they could pry open the doors and get him out. It was one of the small elevators – if you know the capitol building you know how how claustrophobic that might make you. For the remainder of the day I took the stairs.

The House in session this afternoon.

We were given access to the press gallery, and permission to take still photos by the office of Speaker Ron Richard, through Barry Bennett, Director of House Communications.