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I’ve hammered Budget Chairman Allen Icet and his cohort Rick Stream for wanting to turn down more than a hundred million abso-freakin’-lutely free dollars to put most of the people living at less than half the poverty level back on Medicaid. The proposal to accept the free funds did eventually get into HB 11, but so what?–because now the House has turned down the deal. What I said about the niggardliness of Republicans on the Budget Committee applies to Republicans in the House at large:

All those hundreds of millions of pennies would cost our cash strapped state not a single penny. For them to thumb their collective nose at such free funds is not penny wise and pound foolish but just plain foolish.

The Missouri Hospital Association is willing–nay, wanting–to give the state more than fourteen million dollars ($14,150,000 to be precise) to be used for health care for Missourians making less than half the poverty wage. That investment would bring in another $91.7 million in federal dollars–almost $104 million altogether. But the Republicans oppose giveaways to those church mice. The effrontery of anyone to remain in such penury! Why don’t they go out and earn a Ph.D. in chemistry and make a decent living working for Monsanto?

Of course, the Senate might talk House Republicans into accepting its proposal, whereby the churchmice could get back on Medicaid, but only if they can come up with a thousand smackeroos a year. Be real. These are people living on less than half of poverty level. They don’t have and can’t find a thousand bucks, so the Senate plan is about an eyelash better than just turning the funds down flat, as the representatives did.

These people are Scrooge reincarnated. We have Representative Ebenezer Icet. Representative Ebenezer Stream. Senator Ebenezer Schmitt. And a host of other Ebenezers.