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We previously posted the full transcript of Congressman Emanuel Cleaver’s speech for the Saturday night dinner at Truman Days. But transcripts, while searchable on the Internets and useful to others doing research and for “quotable” quotes, don’t always do justice to or provide the full measure of the speaker’s impact. Congressman Cleaver is a virtuoso. This short excerpt of his speech shows just that:

…And the nation now realizes we are right and they are wrong. I mean John Boehner [R-Ohio] is a good guy, actually he’s a, he’s a good guy. He said on television, he said, “Well, you know these Democrats they just think different.” Yeah. [laughter] Yeah. [laughter] I mean, right on soul brotha, I mean. [laughter] Of course we do. [laughter] I’ve been trying to tell ’em, “We’re right, they’re wrong. If you’re right you think differently.” [laughter] [applause] [voice: “Yeah!”] They’ve been wrong for eight years. [applause] And the nation is tired of wrong. [applause] [cheers]…

Emanuel Cleaver’s speeches are legendary. He always gets his message across vividly, in terms everyone can understand. Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm, Saturday night’s keynote speaker:

…But, it’s so great to hear you. Thank you for that honor. I’ve never heard you speak before, and so you’ve said some really great stories that I want to poach. If that’s okay, mister congressman [Emanuel Cleaver]…?

Other speakers at the dinner expressed their usual relief in not having to speak immediately after Emanuel Cleaver.