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While speaking to West County Dems who were in the capitol on Tuesday, Rachel Storch commented about the most–and least–effective ways of contacting legislators. The most effective, of course, is personal contact. But, you know, how often is it feasible for you to rush to Jeff City so you can tell your rep and senator what you think? If that’s practically impossible, e-mail, on the other hand, is a cinch. And it’s not a bad way to get heard, especially if it’s not part of an e-mail blast. What surprised me, though, was that Storch said phone calls are the least effective. You almost always talk to a staffer, who may or may not pass the message along. If you want to be heard, and don’t want to actually drive to J.C., what’s the most effective way to get your message noticed? A hand written letter, says Storch.

Just so you’ll know.