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A lead editorial written by Jack Miles, editor of the Daily Star Journal, which criticized the Missouri General Assembly on their handling of the campus conceal carry issue appeared in today’s Warrensburg paper:

4/30/2009 9:45:00 AM

Concealed-carry ignores public

Concealed guns should be banned anyplace where emotions run high, college campuses included.

…In Jefferson City – lawmakers who want concealed guns on college campuses – do not allow the public to carry concealed weapons in the Capitol halls. The prohibition, sensible but hypocritical, is an outrage, especially since Missouri voters said “no” at the polls to concealed carry anywhere in the state, but lawmakers ignored the vote.

Concealed-carry advocates in the General Assembly – now also ignoring constituents on college campuses, students and presidents who have said “no” – have students in their sites.

I hope their aim is as faulty as their moral compasses.

Go. Read the whole thing.

And Denny Hoskins (r – noun, verb, CPA), who represents a district with a university – what did he accomplish in the General Assembly for his constituents? Roseann Moring of the St. Louis Post Dispatch has a Twitter post:

Denny Hoskins wants to make those who have concealed carry on campus have a “secure locker with which to store the firearm when not in use” about 19 hours ago from web

Uh, does “not in use” mean someone isn’t pulling the trigger? Just asking.

Representative Michael Corcoran (D -77) tried yesterday to propose an amendment which would allow local control for campuses when it comes to conceal carry:


For Immediate Release:

Contact:  Rep. Michael Corcoran

April 30, 2009…


House Leadership Gavels Down Discussion

JEFFERSON CITY – State Representative Michael Corcoran (D-77) tried to offer an amendment last night to allow Missouri Public Universities to require permits to carry concealed weapons on their campuses.  However, debate halted any discussion on the proposed amendment and took the issue to an immediate vote by moving the previous question.

“My amendment would simply allow Public University law enforcement officials to issue conceal and carry permits if they did choose to do so,” Corcoran continued.  “Parents, students, administrators and faculty deserve to make the decisions that directly affect their safety.”

Current Missouri statute requires a public conceal and carry permit and does not allow the carrying of concealed weapons at higher education institutions without “the consent of the governing body of the higher education institution”.  Legislation pending in the Missouri Legislature would eliminate that local control.

“The Majority Party consistently screams for local control,” said Corcoran.  “Yet when given the opportunity to give our Colleges and Universities control over their own safety, the majority refused.”

The University of Central Missouri Student Government Association (SGA) in Warrensburg, Missouri earlier this month voted to oppose the Missouri Legislature’s language to eliminate local control.  The SGA President said, “allowing people to carry concealed weapons on campus invites disaster”.

“Students want to feel safe, and students don’t think more guns on campus is the answer; why does the majority think they know better?” Corcoran finished.

Representative Michael Corcoran is serving in his fourth term in the Missouri House and has two sons.


[emphasis added]

Gee, imagine that, a state representative who listens. Too bad the 121st Legislative District, which includes the University of Central Missouri, doesn’t have one of those.