The National Journal on the Blunt/Steelman tussle includes this soon-to-be shelved argument:

A Republican in Blunt’s camp countered that with Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill already in office, Missouri voters might be better served balancing that with a male.

In Missouri in the 2008 election, 54% of voters were women and they leaned to the Democrats in the Presidential election. While one can guess that the Republican primary electorate will be more male than the general electorate. Running too much of a gender campaign when your opponent in the general election will be Robin Carnahan is a questionable tactic.

In the year 2009, can we come to a conclusion that gender doesn’t really matter when it comes to public office? Missouri doesn’t have better Senatorial representation with a one woman/one man delegation than California’s two women or Kansas’ two men delegation purely due to gender. Just because someone is of one gender doesn’t mean that they’re going to have a better grasp of a certain issue.

I’d hope that Roy Blunt’s campaign team isn’t made up of people too dumb for the Hulshof campaign, because running on gender identity sounds pretty dumb and aimless.

So let’s hope for better things from this campaign.